Jay Gets Personal: Work, Family, and Life Along 30

Anyone who knows me knows I'm always on the go. At home I have a full life. Always happy to be busy with my girls Debbie & Kätzchen, and with grown kids and grandkids, life is nothing short of busy. In my work life, which is most of my time, I'm always working hard for my clients. That's something I'm proud of. Needless to say life keeps me on my toes. 

"Busy" would describe life for most people you ask. In this day and age we have everything at our fingertips. With the advancement of technology, we've taught ourselves to use up every second of time available and make ourselves readily accessible at a moment's notice. There's nothing wrong with that, and I personally value being in touch. But in being so accessible, do we forget to stop and appreciate the simple things? 

This is one reason why I love the area of 30A. It's a place to slow down, breathe, relax, and appreciate. Even the air seems different there. You never feel rushed, even though the area is quite busy. Maybe it's the soft rhythmic pedaling of all the families taking bike rides, the gentle lapping of lakes against the shores, or the constant sea breeze that whisks away all your worries. Whatever it is – it's intoxicating. In every community along 30A you see smiling faces, old and young, and everyone seems to have a story they're happy to share. It's a place where people reconnect, not with their phones, but with each other. 

Perhaps the best part of the area is that these communities are broken up by acres of preserves, the natural wonders of the coastal lakes, and of course the beach itself. The fresh air seems to keep it all balanced. It's hard not to leave your worries behind as you trail along 30A and make your way past the simplistic beauty of the area. 

30A is a place to remind you to slow down and take it all in, and in the world we are living in... that's pretty special.